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The Tragic Consequences of Climate Change


In terms of climate change, 2021 was a chaotic and destructive year with almost constant record-breaking extreme weather events. The heat wave in western Canada last summer exceeded what models predicted as possible this soon. It was 121.3 degrees Fahrenheit in Lytton, British Columbia, on June 29. Over the next few days the town burned to the ground in a wildfire. Wildfires across the globe, spurred by the higher temperatures, pumped 146 per cent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2021 than the emissions from all the European Union countries combined. Torrential rain events flooded more parts of the world than ever. In some places, more rain fell in just a few days than normally falls in an entire year. Massachusetts saw its wettest July ever — by a lot. We just witnessed horrific tornados rip across Kentucky and other states, leaving 165 miles of debris and devastation. These new levels of extreme weather have been made possible by the destabilizing effect the burning of fossil fuels has had on our atmosphere.

And it’s not just the planet’s atmosphere that is in serious trouble because of human activity. We have also degraded the natural environment around us to […]

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