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The Urgent Need to Challenge Devaluation


The devaluation of people based on their race has been an enduring factor that has had massive socioeconomic ramifications for centuries. The devaluation of Black people, for example, has been an organizing principle for slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow Laws, and redlining among other systems and instruments of marginalization. Dr. Marcus Bright Dr. Andre Perry, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, pointed to devaluation in housing as a reason why a new value paradigm is needed in his book Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities . Perry cited a study that he and a group of researchers conducted that found that “after controlling for factors such as housing and neighborhood quality, education, and crime, we found that comparable homes in neighborhoods with similar amenities are worth 23 percent less in Black-majority neighborhoods, compared to those with very few and no Black residents. The percent difference is devaluation. In real dollars, owner-occupied homes in Black neighborhoods are undervalued by $48,000 per home on average, amounting to a whopping $156 billion in cumulative losses nationwide.”

This is just one example of a devaluation epidemic that permeates almost every sector of American society. Devaluation has been so […]

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