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There are 84 high-cost IT projects underway by the Australian government


The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) in early 2017 was charged with looking into the structures of existing Australian government high-cost technology projects . It would classify the projects over AU$10 million as “monitor, verify, or engage”, but after ceasing this terminology in mid-2018, the DTA said it no longer maintained a record of these project classifications.

“Agencies remain responsible and accountable for the projects they are funded to deliver,” the DTA said. “This includes ensuring that delivery risks are appropriately mitigated.”

Documents received by ZDNet under freedom of information (FOI) in March 2020 revealed 62 active tech-related projects above AU$10 million were underway by the federal government, but the details surrounding how much had been spent by that time — and how many of the projects went above the budgeted amount — were refused under the FOI request.

In October, the DTA’s annual report revealed that as of January 2020, AU$7.4 billion was tied up in active government IT projects. AU$1.5 billion was also listed as the value for new proposals.

In a document prepared for a Senate committee this month, the DTA disclosed there were 84 IT projects over AU$10 million in value underway by Australian government entities as of December 2020.

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