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These 5 Careers Could Be the Future of Healthcare


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Healthcare once brought to mind disciplines like anatomy, biology and pharmaceutical medicine . Now the field is a different landscape, with artificial intelligence , genomics and big data dominating discussions. Technology is changing healthcare, which opens the door to many new career possibilities.

Here are some of the most exciting specialty areas for healthcare careers in 2021 and beyond: Personalized medicine

Historically, medicines haven’t been developed with the individual in mind. A majority of trial participants would have to find a pharmaceutical drug effective before a doctor prescribes that drug in the hopes a patient would benefit too. But science ’s newfound understanding of the human genome has made it possible to start thinking of medicine in individual terms and create targeted treatments based on individual genetic profiles.

Precision medicine , or alternatively personalized medicine, is a growing area of healthcare that demands different kinds of expertise. Bioinformaticians are needed to analyze genome data, while genetic counselors work with patients to examine their genetic history and advise them on procedures. Scientists and researchers specializing in this area are needed to run programs in academia and the private sector. Personalized medicine aids in […]

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