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Thinking like global citizens can usher in a fairer world. Here are 6 ways to start

Only a sense of shared humanity will allow us to bridge current divides. • Fostering a sense of common humanity is essential to reversing current inequalities and polarized communities.

• The concepts of global citizenship and civic responsibility are key to achieving this.

• The pandemic has increased the need, and economic recovery will rest upon them.

As some countries begin to emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in a world that is deeply unequal and feels more polarized than at any time in recent memory. Discrimination and violence are on the rise; trust in institutions is low; divisive rhetoric seems inescapable. Populist ideas and centralized digital “echo chambers” have led communities, neighbours, friends and families to become entrenched across ideological lines, struggling to establish common ground. If we are to heal our society, we must find a way to engage with those who disagree with us and hold space for them to voice their fears, worries and concerns for the future. It is only when we see the humanity in those most unlike us that we can begin to bridge divides and create societies that represent and work for all of us.

Teaching global citizenship and civic […]

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