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This is what European business leaders think about the future of autonomous machines


Drones are being used to deliver essential medical supplies in Ghana. A new report surveyed leaders from business and politics about the state of the crucial new ‘autonomous machines’ market in Europe.

Results show that autonomous cars and drones are perceived as part of the critical infrastructure due to the large amount of data gathered and stored.

Autonomous machines should therefore be part of the debate around digital sovereignty in Europe to develop a competitive industry.

Autonomous machines, such as self-driving cars and drones, are a key future technology. They are fundamentally different from specialised devices from the field of Industry 4.0, in that they are also used outside of factories and can perform everyday tasks, such as transporting goods and people. Autonomous machines will therefore profoundly change the economy and society in the coming years and decades.

In fact, they are already revolutionising lives today. Zipline, for example, delivers important medical supplies such as blood and vaccines in Ghana and Rwanda. Waymo has launched its operations of fully self-driving cars in Phoenix, US, and has just announced a new partnership with Daimler on trucks. In addition, hardware producers from Airbus to Kitty Hawk and software companies like Auterion are […]

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