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This Political Analyst Has It All Wrong: Age Is Not The Reason For America’s Political Disrepair


The political and cultural divide has deeply traumatized the nation. What will it take to end the … [+] getty The recent New York Times opinion piece titled, Why Are We Still Governed by Baby Boomers and the Remarkably Old? accomplished this–it perpetuated ageism against older Americans and agist stereotypes across all ages. Accompanied by an image of an abandoned walker, the article confused and compounded the double “ism” of ageism and ableism.

The article is another example of how major media continues feeding readers age bias, myths and stereotypes that lead to exclusion and discrimination of people (especially olders) across all facets of life.

Although the crux of Yuval Levin’s article focuses on older politicians, he doesn’t think younger folks have what it takes to lead effectively either. He concludes that middle-aged politics is the answer–specifically, those born in the 60s and 70s.

His argument rests squarely on age and fails to consider any real issues with the current political framework.

Since we live in a permissibly ageist society, the easy clickbait of an ageist headline and generational finger-pointing is not surprising. And Levin apparently doesn’t understand the pseudo-science of generational labeling that arbitrarily assigns the first four years of the 60s […]

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