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This state attorney was suspended by Ron DeSantis for respecting trans kids. He’s not going quietly


Andrew Warren, Florida state attorney, abortion, transgender Andrew Warren (D) — the recently suspended state attorney for Hillsborough County, Florida — has accused Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) of “trying to overthrow democracy” after DeSantis suspended him for refusing to enforce state prohibitions on abortion and gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

On Thursday, DeSantis said he suspended Warren for incompetence and neglecting the duty of his office. However, Warren called BS on DeSantis’ reasoning, noting that no cases have been brought to his office on either issue.

“We’ve had none. None of those cases have been brought to us. We’re not anticipating those cases being brought to us,” Warren said, according to Florida Politics . “You should go ask the Sheriff whether he has had those cases and whether they’re investigating arresting people for that, because when they do, and they bring us a case, we’ll evaluate it.” Warren drew DeSantis’ ire by publicly opposing DeSantis’ attempts to criminalize abortion and gender-affirming care. Warren said that his recent suspension by the governor is little more than an attempt by DeSantis to raise his profile among Republican primary voters in anticipation of an eventual 2024 presidential run.

“We’re protecting people’s rights; we have fought […]

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