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This Tech Dinosaur Just Took a Game-Changing Step in Healthcare

Quantum physics sounds like science fiction to most people. That’s because until recently, it has been largely theoretical. It describes the behavior of atoms and fundamental particles, and asserts that these can be in two states at once or somehow entangled with one another despite being separated by a vast distance.

Quantum computing uses its “spooky” principles to tackle problems that are too complex for traditional computing. While traditional computers represent every operation in binary digits, or bits (zeros and ones), qubits (quantum bits) offer an infinitely faster method since they have no fixed state. Tech giants like Microsoft ( NASDAQ:MSFT ) and Alphabet ( NASDAQ:GOOG )( NASDAQ:GOOGL ) have been racing to build useful quantum computers, but IBM ( NYSE:IBM ) just signed a partnership that could vault it to the top of the pack in the healthcare space. Image source: Getty Images. The deal

IBM agreed to a 10-year tie-up with the Cleveland Clinic as its official partner for artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. In the deal, the nonprofit academic medical center would have the first on-premise quantum computing system in the private sector. That’s no small feat considering the system requires near absolute zero temperatures (about […]

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