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Three guys in sports bras snuck a transphobic float into a town’s parade


An image from the Great Torrington May Fair Photo: Shutterstock Three men have refused to apologize for sneaking into a town parade and mocking transgender athletes while dressed as “Olympic female athletes.” The fair organizers, however, have pledged to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

In the Great Torrington May Fair — held on May 5 in the town of Great Torrington, England (about 220 miles west of London) — 75-year-old Maurice Cockwill, his son Carlton Cockwill, and their friend Paul Hutchings wore sports bras and swimming trunks to march alongside other cisgender women dressed in similar outfits.

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According to parade organizers, the group drove their unregistered float into the parade’s tail end, initially covering its signs. When they unveiled the signs, they read “Olympic 2024 woman 100m final” and “Of course we’re women, we sit down to pee.” Three cis men, dressed in sports bras, speedos and wigs, joined a carnival in Devon calling themselves the ‘Olympic 2024 female athletic team’. Carnival apologised. Absolute state of these people. [Mail] — Lee Hurley (@WeeMelter) July 15, 2022 The signs referenced swimmer Lia Thomas, whose […]

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