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Time has arrived for Atlanta leaders to eliminate systemic racism, healthcare disparities

Georgia is one of 12 states that have not adopted Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. There are new incentives under the American Recovery Act for states to expand coverage and there is increasing evidence that Medicaid expansion is linked to improvements including in access, financial security, and some health status.

Duane Elliot Reynolds. Credit: Anne Rayner According to “America’s Health Rankings,” a trade publication, Georgia ranks 39th out of 50 states when considering social and economic factors, clinical care, health behaviors, physical environment and health outcomes.

Both signal a critical lack of appreciation for the cost of healthcare that people, particularly the underserved, experience. Patientco, a patient payment technology company headquartered in Atlanta, surveyed over 3,000 patients of large health systems and found that nearly one-third of patients say they’ve avoided care because they were worried about what they would owe.

Coupled with an eminent ruling by the United States Supreme Court, that could strike down the Affordable Care Act and leave millions of Americans uninsured, the most impacted communities in Atlanta will continue to disproportionately be those of color. Happy Juneteenth.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

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