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Tips for Healthcare IT Departments on Handling Mergers and Acquisitions


Healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M&As) often require complex decision-making as IT leaders determine whether to unify an IT approach — and, if not, which standards and technologies to keep or replace.

However, IT departments do not act alone in these situations. The CIO will often have the final say in how integration is handled, but collaboration is important between operations, human resources, clinicians and those interfacing with the supply chain.

Planning, collaboration and careful analysis of each organization’s systems is needed for a successful IT integration during healthcare M&As.

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One of the common challenges healthcare IT leaders face when approaching a merger or acquisition is a lack of planning before the deal is completed. In most cases, a budget may be set aside for IT integration prior to the deal being made, but no deep discussion is held to discuss how the integration will take place.

IT leaders should hit the ground running as soon as the merger or acquisition is known. There are regulatory processes for these deals, but planning needs to start early for a smooth and […]

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