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TMA Pushing for Affordable Access to Healthcare for All Texans, ‘Lifting Everybody’


Courtesy: iStock When the Texas Legislature reconvenes in 2023, healthcare advocates will be pushing to improve affordable healthcare for high need communities–but the work has already begun.

After a decade of experience helping lead Dallas through public health issues and pandemic responses including HIV, AIDS, and Ebola, Prism Health North Texas CEO Dr. John Carlo is serving as a chair of the Texas Medical Association’s Council on Legislation, where he hopes his advocacy can make a difference for those most in need. “If we can do the best for those that have really the most challenging situations, we’re lifting everybody overall together.”

The council represents TMA’s 50,000 physician members in its work with legislators, the governor’s office, and task forces, tackling tough questions from vaccination mandates to quarantine recommendations developed from evidence and science-based information.

The Council on Legislation helps communicate digestible information on issues that are important to TMA physicians and the public to inform decisions. Helping break down vast amounts of information, “anything from best practices to sharing information, to promulgating educating services,” into an easily readable format to try and answer tough questions, Carlo says.

Although the Legislative Council is not set to reconvene until 2023, there are special sessions […]

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