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To fulfill AI’s potential, healthcare orgs must enact safeguards

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the power to spur enormous change in the healthcare industry.

At the same time, experts caution that it could pose a threat to the privacy of patient data – as well as possibly reproducing bias and inequity.

“We know the application of artificial intelligence has tremendous potential as a tool for improving safety standards, creating robust clinical decision support systems and helping in establishing a fair clinical governance system,” said Muhammad Babur, manager of applied clinical informatics at Mayo Clinic.

Still, Babur said, “Healthcare organizations need to have an adequate governance structure around AI applications” in order to safeguard patient data and ensure equitable results.

Babur, who will be presenting at HIMSS21 in August, noted that AI algorithms depend on large amounts of data from various sources, including electronic health records, clinical trials, pharmacy records, readmission rates, insurance claims records and health fitness applications.

“We cannot allow unchecked AI algorithms to access and analyze huge amounts of data at the expense of patient privacy,” he said.Bias is another major issue: AI that relies on prejudiced information can produce discriminatory results.As one example, Babur pointed to a recent study that found AI models aimed at helping hospitals prioritize who […]

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