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To tackle nurse and staff burnout, healthcare needs to staff efficiently and emphasize employee wellbeing

More efficient staffing and mental health supports for staff will allow health systems to address pandemic-related workforce issues.

Burnout among nurses, physicians and other healthcare workers was a pervasive problem even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that the U.S. has been living with the coronavirus for over a year, some on the front lines are starting to bow to the pressure.

This was exemplified in a recent survey from the American Nurses Foundation, which found that the pandemic is causing 92% of nurses to consider leaving the workforce. Nearly half cite insufficient staffing as one of the primary reasons.

In some ways, it was a crisis waiting to happen. The healthcare system wasn’t prepared for a public health crisis of this magnitude, and the crisis highlighted fractures that had been building within the industry.

Properly trained staff were needed to address patients with a new and formidable virus, and these staffs were in short supply. The sheer volume of patients was overwhelming.

Add to that the lack of personal protective equipment at the start of the pandemic, and nurses didn’t feel safe. Many still don’t, and it’s become clear that a better approach to staffing would go a […]

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