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To what extent does climate change affect food insecurity? What we found in Lesotho


Countries must develop more efficient adaptation strategies to make food supply systems more climate-resilient. Food security is a growing concern globally, with two billion people being subject to moderate to severe food insecurity in 2019 according to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Food security consists of four interconnected pillars : food availability (how much is produced), food access (can people afford food), food use (how is food prepared and consumed) and stability (how stable is the food supply and consumption).

Large-scale droughts can have cascading impacts on all these four pillars. They can reduce yield which may result in food price spikes , trigger changes in consumption, and lead to unstable supply and consumption of food. The impacts of such climate extremes are often felt hardest by subsistence farmers who become less self-sufficient and are therefore forced to buy their staple foods at local markets .

In case of price spikes during low yield years, food may become too expensive for them, pushing poor households in a food insecure situation.

So far, scientists have mainly focused on estimating how climate change has affected droughts and agriculture yields. It’s less well known if and how climate change is influencing the other […]

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