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Towards devleopment solutions to internal displacement: a political economy approach (June 2021)

Executive Summary

Internal displacement represents a major global challenge which raises serious implications in terms of sustainable development. In 2020, 40.5 million people were newly displaced in 149 countries and territories, bringing the total population living in displacement globally to 55 million (IDMC 2021a). This report considers the ways in which political economy analysis can be used to understand the drivers, dynamics, and implications of displacement for development processes. It argues that political and economic interests guide political will, including commitments to uphold the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, the Responsibility to Protect, and the InterAgency Standing Committee Framework on Durable Solutions. Asking who stands to gain or lose from maintaining the conditions that lead to displacement, and from working towards comprehensive solutions, helps to arrive at practical and promising promotion of development-oriented durable solutions.

The report provides a synthesis of empirical research carried out through four case studies in Bangladesh,
El Salvador, Iraq and Sudan, as well as interviews with UNDP teams in Central African Republic, Colombia,
Somalia and Syria and consultation of available literature on displacement, durable solutions, and the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding triple nexus.

The report argues that an early and proactive approach to anticipating displacement and integrating the […]

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