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Trans athletes are not cheap political piñatas


Photo by Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images Republicans across the country are using transgender rights as a political pawn. There are a multitude of crises facing America right now: the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, economic devastation, fights for racial and social justice. And yet, Republicans around the country are targeting transgender athletes, as if their desire to play sports is the greatest threat of our time.

How insulting. Bereft of ideas, Republicans are once again trying to tee up the LGBTQ community as a cheap political piñata. It’s failed in the past, and will fail again. People can see through this gross distraction.

A good comparison to the intensifying war against trans athletes is the push to outlaw same-sex marriage that swept across the nation in the mid-aughts. As The Washington Post points out , George W. Bush ran for reelection in 2004 alongside proposed constitutional amendments in about a dozen states aimed at preventing gay people from getting married. While Bush secured a second term, the amendments did little to sway swing voters , even though they passed in 11 conservative states.

Just seven years later, a majority of Americans said they support same-sex marriage for the first time. Nowadays, nearly […]

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