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Trans girls could face criminal charges for trying out for school sports if Minnesota bill passes


A Republican lawmaker in Minnesota introduced a bill that would impose criminal penalties on transgender girls who try out for school sports, the first in the nation to do so.

State Rep. Eric Lucero (R) introduced House File 1657 , which would ban transgender girls and women from trying out for sports as their gender and even make it a petty misdemeanor for them to play on sports teams.

“A petty misdemeanor is not technically a crime, but the penalties are criminal,” Jess Braverman of Gender Justice told Metro Weekly . “You could end up in front of a juvenile judge, forced to pay a fine of up to $300, and it ends up on your record and could come up in a job history search.”

At least 20 other states are considering bills that target transgender people, with the most common kind being those that ban transgender girls and women from school sports. But those bills usually only allow cisgender girls and their families to sue the state or school district if transgender girls are allowed to play, they don’t criminalize the trans girls themselves just playing school sports.

Braverman noted that, ironically, judges usually recommend that young people who are charged […]

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