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Trans teenager blinded & severely burned after ex-boyfriend throws acid in her face


Asya Cevahir before (left) and after the acid attack Photo: DailyStar A trans teenage Syrian refugee was brutally assaulted and attacked with acid just following her 18th birthday.

Now she’s in a hospital, covered from the waist-up in bandages, due to the severe injuries. She’s also completely blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. While the attack has captured the attention of the world, her friends don’t feel safe leaving her side.

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Asya Cevahir was leaving her home at around 6:30 P.M. in Istanbul, Turkey, following her birthday on March 9 when the attack happened. She reported that she immediately knew who the culprit was : her ex-boyfriend Emre Bozkurt.

Cevahir had recently broken up with Bozkurt, who threatened to kill her previously.

Despite her allegations, police did not immediately bring Bozkurt in or take him into custody. Friends of Cevahir began putting the word out about the attack, including a video of her struggling to move in her hospital bed, just to show the extent of her injuries.Cevahir’s attack, along with the hashtag #EmreBozkurtTutuklansın, calling for the alleged suspect’s arrest, […]

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