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Transgender writer & advocate Rebecca Juro has passed away


Rebecca Juro Photo: Facebook Journalist, radio show host, and advocate Rebecca Juro passed away on Saturday, December 17, due to complications resulting from lung cancer. She was 59-years-old.

“You have to fight for what you believe in,” Juro once wrote. “Nothing comes easy, and for a lot of the liberties everyone in this country enjoys, there were people behind them that fought to make them possible.”

Juro was one of those people.

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“We live in a society where nobody wants to be different,” she said. “But we are different and that is okay. It was a fight back then and it still is to this day, but things seem to be getting better.”

Juro was a fierce advocate of transgender equality and a strong presence in LGBTQ media, with bylines at The Bilerico Project , South Florida Gay News , Gay City News , Lesbianation , the Washington Blade , Advocate , Windy City Times , and LGBTQ Nation .She ran the Rebecca Juro Show on radio for 13 years, interviewing leaders in the community including National Center for Transgender Equality founder Mara Keisling, author Jennifer Finney Boylan, […]

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