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Tree management adapting to climate change


A hunting buddy insists that climate change is the reason for prolonged flooding in our state’s lowlands, and that the government should do everything possible to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Except for managing water at Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area. There, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission should butt out. He says the Game and Fish Commission cannot ameliorate the effects of flooding, and it should not even try.

Inaction is a course of action in its own right because inaction produces consequences. At Bayou Meto, decades of inaction have resulted in consequences that are clearly evident. Inaction has killed red oak trees that produce acorns that ducks eat. In their place grow more water tolerant oaks that produce acorns which ducks cannot eat. The cause of this displacement/replacement cycle is sustained inundation in stagnant water that begins in the fall, before trees go into winter dormancy. It continues into the spring and summer growing seasons.

I would say the evidence is irrefutable, but my friend refutes it vehemently. He hunts in the Government Cypress Greentree Reservoir, and he insists that tree loss and deterioration is not nearly as serious as the AGFC claims. Never mind all the trees on […]

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