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Trusted Networks Key to Moving Forward


Sharing technologies like blockchain could help healthcare institutions establish a consistent, accurate, and trustworthy approach to data collection and dissemination.

As the healthcare industry swings toward digitalization, there are signs of progress as well as the need to address thornier problems such as data sharing and privacy across networks and organizations. Healthcare is perhaps unique in that it collects, and has the capacity to share, a massive amount of extremely personal data about individuals, while having to maintain unmatched levels of privacy and patient disclosure on that information.

Recently, healthcare institutions have also been expected to establish pricing consistency and transparency, an equally gargantuan task in light of the industry’s complexity and one with which only 14% of hospitals are in compliance .

While the ecosystem poses seemingly insurmountable challenges, here is a way the issues can be addressed both with existing and emerging technology.

Recent regulations, such as the 21st Century Patient Cures Act and the Price Transparency ruling , have provided a foundation and standards for the exchange of data between healthcare institutions. A number of data assets and data-based products – for example, publicly available datasets such as social determinants of health, digital twin data, AI models for risk […]

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