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Truth or consequences: The impact of lie-based politics


A radio show by the name in the headline, emceed by a man named Ralph Edwards, became a big hit starting in 1940. It eventually became a TV show, and all told, it lasted for decades. The format of the show was to be asked a question, and if it was not answered truthfully, the contestant submitted to undertaking a silly stunt of almost any kind.

The show seemed reflective of a culture that valued untruth for perceived rewards, however trivial. It is interesting to note that it came onto the popular scene in the midst of world turmoil both in the Far East and in Europe. Germany, for instance, had started its unspeakable military expansion, supported by a Nazi Party that had risen to power in large measure by lying to its people. Adolf Hitler had become head of state and had hired a propaganda minister named Joseph Goebbels whose sole responsibility was to propagate a continuous stream of utterly false inciting messages.

These lies were constantly repeated in comprehensive broadcasts, following the patterns of earlier actual and wannabe dictators, who traded on the sad fact that lies repeated often enough by authority figures would come to be accepted as […]

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