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I meant to post the other day and as usual, I was sidetracked by yet again another crisis. Since the inception of COVID back in March 2020, my exit strategy is once again being pummeled, no less than by a rapid-fire series of unfortunate events.

Obviously, the worse part of – what seems to be an unrelenting force against completing my holy trinity – is that I’m healthy and alive. It goes without saying that a good majority are barely starting to deal with some of the grievings from the loss of family, friends, and/or colleagues.

In some cases, all of the above. So, when I catch myself complaining I remind myself that my experience may very well pale in comparison.

That being said, I’ve lost my beloved aunt, Ainsley Barberena, Dora Jiron, my beloved and only remaining grandmother, and the hardest hit was my beloved tio Mauricio Jiron.

These people all played a significant role in shaping the man I am today. My uncle’s death was a reminder that I had one goal left on the proverbial holy trinity. As such, my audacity at such a young age speaks volumes for my idiosyncrasies.

Wherefore – I was in sixth grade when I made this list.

  1. Married with 2 kids by 30
  2. Worth a million
  3. Retire by 50

Hopefully you’re not like most, or the majority who laugh at such an audacious goal for a child. Absent a separate diatribe on the perpetual push and pull psychological warfare used to subjugate, I’ll digress.

Just recently I posted on one of the many sites I have a profile, a comment about my “dirty-thirty.” I was reminded through conversation that I really celebrated my 30th.

Indeed I did – I vividly remember lighting up the Cigar that Sunday night at the Lowes hotel. I had just checked in on Friday for a week-long stay courtesy of my American Express Platinum membership.

I was in pure disbelief that an uneducated H.S graduate employed several physicians, general counsel, full-time staff, and just like Will Smith predicted, the $100k AMG to boot.

More importantly, after realizing all the material was bullshit, it hit me that I had already accomplished more than 60% of my “holy trinity.”

I was scared shitless, all of the sudden my anxiety kicks in and what do you know. I immediately start thinking of the worst, what if I don’t make it to 50, what if I lose everything, what if this early success, meant burnout was rearing its ugly head.

Holy facks Batman, thank god we’re in Miami, it’s the Lowes, and Libations are flowing, fack it two bees in a bucket and order another round it’s about to go down…

Consequently, today being #tbt, while cleaning out my closet ( Fu Debbie ) – I ran across the Oracle…

That’s when I “used to be somebody” according to my peers in “society.” Insofar as Oracles, Neworld Health Care Center exposed me to the monster.

An evil that continues to plague progress, keeping the masses enslaved in perpetual debt. For you see, I was in the belly of the beast.

So, now picture back, it’s 2005 – to date – it was my best year of earnings. I owned the largest general practice in South Beach. I was in a landmark building, 407 Lincoln Road, living la vida loca …

My first trifold brochure when I opened on the 6th floor

And this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. So I’d like to take a minute, just sit right back and I’ll show you how I became the fringe candidate for one of the nation’s most important upcoming races in the mid-terms.

Similarly for an election that will determine, if we the people are finally ridding ourselves of the systemic failure of all things considered. Or are we as Americans nothing more than a “glutton for punishment” I note, at the behest of Cold War Ideologue Strongmen?

Besides staying at a Holiday Inn Express, affording my audacity. When I’m not trapped in the closet being a Social Justice Warrior. I’m actually still working on my exit strategy or delusions of grandeur.

Nonetheless, I still find it profoundly ironic, that an introvert would ever step on a soapbox. But contrary to popular belief, I don’t know everything and I’m a bleeding heart.

Caveat, some have gone as far as alleging – I’m some lefty leaning liberal snowflake.

Notwithstanding, “I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character.”

Buckle up buttercup, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.