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Twitter is reinventing itself


Twitter recently announced that it’s going to be building a lot of new things into its product: there’s Twitter Spaces , which is a live audio feature very similar to the red-hot Clubhouse app. There are Twitter Fleets , which look like Snap and Instagram Stories. Twitter just acquired Revue , which is a newsletter product similar to Substack. And it also announced something called Super Follows , which will let people pay creators on Twitter for special content.

It’s a lot, especially after Twitter spent so long seemingly not adding any features at all.

On today’s episode of Decoder , I talk with Kayvon Beykpour, the head of consumer product at Twitter. He’s responsible for deciding what tools Twitter actually builds for people to express themselves. Twitter’s product is incredibly important — it is a flashpoint of interest and controversy for politicians and regulators around the world, and it often seems like politicians in our own government don’t know the difference between Twitter and real life.

Beykpour and I talked a lot about what it took to reset the team toward growth, how he decides what to prioritize, and what the timelines for success look like on different projects. And of […]

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