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Under Siege: How Healthcare Organizations Can Fight Back


A recent spate of crippling ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations signals that these assaults remain a major threat to our healthcare system and may have led to the nation’s first ransomware-related death . An Alabama woman’s new lawsuit alleges that a ransomware attack at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama disabled vital fetal heartbeat monitoring systems that would have alerted the hospital’s physicians and nurses to conduct an emergency C-section. This miscalculation, which was allegedly linked to the cyberattack, caused the infant to suffer brain damage during delivery. The Alabama woman’s baby later died from brain damage-related complications.

Ransomware attacks, where individuals shut down critical systems in exchange for ransom, are no longer perpetrated by just a small group of bad actors. Cybercriminals are stealthy, organized and tricky to decipher. Hacker groups can now resemble modern companies with live chat capabilities, help desks and even public relations professionals who attempt to extort their victims. They lure their victims in with common spoofing techniques, phishing attempts and other sophisticated tactics. As such, hospitals and healthcare systems remain primary targets in the eyes of cybercriminals looking for a large payout.

A timely example is HIVE ransomware , which recently forced Memorial Health System […]

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