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United States: Benesch Healthcare+ Dialysis & Nephrology Digest No. 31


Nephrology and Dialysis Practices

JULY 13, 2022

DOJ files civil complaint alleging Fresenius performed unnecessary procedures on dialysis patients

In June, it was revealed that DOJ would partially join a whistleblower lawsuit against the dialysis provider. In a civil complaint filed July 12, the department alleges Fresenius subsidiary Azura Vascular Care of violating the False Claims Act by performing medically unnecessary procedures on dialysis patients at nine locations in NY. The complaint claims the company incentivized employees to perform the surgeries to increase its own profits despite not providing any health benefit to the patients. As well, the DOJ believes Fresenius falsified medical records to make it appear as though the patients were referred for the procedures.

SOURCE: The United States Department of Justice

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