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Univ of Idaho law students allege professor & Christian students make them fear for their lives


The University of Idaho Photo: Shutterstock Shellea Allen, a student at the University of Idaho College of Law (U of I), and her classmate, Kiana Mathew, are speaking out against anti-LGBTQ harassment allegedly committed by student members of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) at an on-campus LGBTQ community event.

The university issued a “no-contact” order after Allen and other students said that the CLS students’ alleged speech and actions made them feel unsafe on campus. Now Allen feels compelled to speak out after the CLS students, represented by the anti-LGBTQ legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), won a preliminary injunction rescinding the order.

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The April 1 LGBTQ community event was organized in response to a “derogatory slur directed against the LGBTQIA+ community” written on a classroom whiteboard in the U of I’s law school, the university’s dean and professor of law Johanna Kalb wrote to students in a Thursday, March 31 email.

“It breaks my heart that we struggle to be a place that respects the dignity and humanity of every person in our community,” Kalb wrote.

“Dehumanizing each other through our language has terrible consequences,” Kalb added, noting that […]

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