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Universities have a duty to put education within reach of all students


My college education put me on the path to a career I love, one I had not imagined when I graduated from high school over 30 years ago.

When I left high school, I had a scholarship to play basketball at a junior college in Texas. The only idea I had was to stay for two years and get exposure, then play in Division I. When those plans didn’t work out, I knew I needed to complete my undergraduate education.

But I faced a major obstacle: I couldn’t afford a college education in my native state of New Jersey. Fortunately, I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree in Oklahoma, which was less expensive. With that degree, along with a master’s and a doctorate, I have worked in higher education, helping students pursue their dreams.

Today, with millions of jobs lost to COVID-19 and the need for highly skilled professionals expected to grow, the issue of access to higher education becomes more urgent. All the opportunities that come from a college degree cannot benefit a student who believes college is beyond their reach. Too often, high school graduates and adult learners are deterred from even applying because they think they don’t have […]

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