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University of Nevada, Reno faculty focus on batteries research, education and workforce training to meet world’s energy future


Nevada Institute for Sustainability improves performance of electric vehicles and the grid, and connects to nation’s first Batteries and Energy Storage Technologies Minor

As the conversion to electric vehicles and generation of power from sustainable sources quickly gains momentum, research teams based at the University of Nevada, Reno wrestle with the challenging questions raised by the conversion to a new energy future.

They’re addressing the need to manage millions of used batteries and the challenges of using scarce and expensive materials to build new batteries. They’re looking for improved battery technologies that would allow motorists to travel farther with fewer and shorter stops for recharging. They’re examining ways to improve storage of electricity at power plants that rely on sustainable sources of energy. And they’re helping prepare a diverse set of students for the corresponding, new workplace opportunities.

A diverse group of researchers is working together on those issues through the Nevada Institute for Sustainability , a virtual organization at the University and part of the College of Engineering. The Institute brings together faculty from the University, along with researchers from U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories, non-profits, and private industry.

The Institute has collaborative agreements, too, with researchers at schools […]

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