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Focus on Health Equity

In an era of more seamless information-sharing, decision-makers have a renewed chance to address health inequities. The work of advancing health equity isn’t new – but more seamless data sharing has unlocked more potential to use information and analytics to work toward addressing disparities in care.

Panelists at the WEDI Quest for Health Equity event on Wednesday noted that it’s important to reinforce the relationship between public health and medicine as advocates move forward in this work.

“In terms of interoperability, technology [and] data, there may be a new conversation, but it’s important for us to incorporate some of that work that’s been going on for many decades,” said Kenyetta Jackson, health equity manager, health solutions, at the American Medical Association.

“It’s important for us to be partnering with some of those equity champions,” Jackson added.Melissa Kotrys, CEO at the Health Current health information exchange, agreed that examining social determinants of health has been an issue for decades.Now that “we’ve got a reasonable handle on the exchange of clinical information, what other information can we bring to bear to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities?” Kotrys wondered.”How can we get access to […]

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