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Value of an entity within the digital economy: Considerations for distribution businesses


Carlos Pérez Gómez of HLB MAAT Asesores (HLB Mexico) and Eugenio Tarabini of SP&P (HLB Italy) consider how the digital economy would impact multinational groups involved in distribution activities. Digital solutions have exponentially impacted the global economy since COVID-19 Many multinational groups involved in distribution activities are facing several transfer pricing (TP) questions in a digital transition context. Global supply chains are becoming more digitalised due to a more affordable IT infrastructure, easier access to IT service providers and market-specific information directly collected by data providers, as well as following market trends/needs.

More digitalised processes potentially lead to the creation of new valuable intangibles and IPs which may disrupt the traditional value chain. Distribution businesses (particularly retailers) are facing an increased use of apps, digital storefronts and artificial intelligence (AI) which are expected to increase the entire business profitability.

Such digital solutions have exponentially impacted the global economy since the COVID-19 crisis and, therefore, represent unique intangibles with a new landscape in competitiveness for multinational groups (for instance, the implementation of an AI systems for inventory management should allow and improve efficiency in the supplier relationships, logistics and shipping processes).

In this context, the question is which group entity represents the economic […]

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