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Vendors position ERP as heart of circular economy model


Changing business conditions like supply chain disruptions, consumer and employee expectations and new government regulations are causing companies to consider moving to a circular economy model of production and distribution.

In the circular economy, goods are manufactured and distributed in a way that maximizes the use of the products or their components as long as possible. Products are designed from the start so that the raw materials and components can be reused or remanufactured in a closed-loop process .

Some of the goals of a circular economy are to reduce energy usage in production, carbon emissions in distribution and waste in the environment.

But the move to the circular economy is neither simple nor cheap, and companies need to gather and analyze vast amounts of data to understand and track corporate goals. Because ERP systems are at the heart of many of the processes and systems involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products, they can play a critical role in enabling companies to move to the circular economy.

Two ERP vendors — the German-based giant SAP and U.K.-based manufacturing-focused IFS — are making that case, staking claims in sustainability and the circular economy. Circular economy focuses on whole product lifecycle

Sustainability and […]

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