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Virtual healthcare app Vida – a standout in the Workday Ventures portfolio


(© fizkes – shutterstock) Workday gave analysts a peek at another trio of companies from its venture investment portfolio earlier this month, following on from a similar event three months ago . All three ventures had interesting stories to tell — one of them, Zimit, we’ve previously written about ; the other, Flatfile, announced a $35 million funding round this week and also deserves a write-up. But the standout for me was Vida, a virtual healthcare platform that sits at the center of a fast-brewing revolution in how we care for our health, enabled by digital connectivity. As its CEO Stephanie Tilenius told me: If you fast forward the next decade, I think that healthcare is going to be transformed the same way that IoT or commerce was [by digital]. You’re going to have this continuous care model where people are getting data on themselves every day. Her presentation reminded me of an interview I had more than five years ago with Jeroen Tas of Philips about the potential for connected data to change people’s healthcare journeys. The goal was to reorient healthcare away from giving acute care when things go wrong, to instead focus on monitoring and ameliorating […]

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