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Water infrastructure an investment in healthy environment, economy

(Photo by Ellen O’Brien) The physical and natural infrastructure that Arizonans depend upon for their water supply needs attention. And while the word “infrastructure” may not create images of a vibrant environment, the reality is, our natural surroundings are enhanced by functioning water infrastructure just like our farms, homes, businesses, and communities.

Arizona has forested watersheds that feed several river systems including the Colorado, Little Colorado, Verde and Salt Rivers, the Gila and San Pedro Rivers and countless streams. Arizona also has many majestic reservoirs that serve as recreational “lakes” for everyone to enjoy. These watersheds, rivers and reservoirs create an array of diverse ecosystems with varying plant and animal species that benefit all. In addition, those that depend upon the water from these watersheds and rivers, whether that be farmlands or urban uses, in many instances create exceptional habitat for many animal species, local and migratory. Maintaining many of Arizona’s greatest natural habitats therefore requires properly functioning water infrastructure.

Arizona’s forested watersheds provide the natural infrastructure that feeds our rivers and reservoirs. These watersheds are critical to a clean and reliable water supply and include some of Arizona’s greatest natural habitats. However, this infrastructure is in dire need of forest […]

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