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We Need Greater Transparency to Improve the U.S. Healthcare System


The time has come for us to think about incremental, evolutionary, and targeted changes to the healthcare system to reduce costs rather than focusing on grand bargains. It is time for practical solutions that will likely have broad consensus amongst patients, providers, employers, and policymakers.

While the debate over the merits of private sector healthcare solutions versus government control of healthcare continues, a group of policy experts with support from the Arnold Ventures and Tobin Center for Economic Policy has proposed an important set of policy solutions through the 1 Percent Steps for Healthcare Reform.

Individually, none of the policy solutions are dramatic, and many have been debated for years, if not decades. However, these solutions demonstrate how implementing a set of ideas that make small changes to the healthcare system can, en masse, create a significant ripple effect that remedies the ever-increasing healthcare cost dilemma in the U.S.

One reform that will enhance the effectiveness of all of the proposed solutions across the healthcare ecosystem is transparency. Without this fundamental principle, none of the proposals can reach their full potential, thus, raising the question of whether the most vital healthcare reform is transparency.

Opposition to transparency is a bane to […]

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