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Web3 Education: Traditional Learning Disrupted by Metaverse Schools


Web3 education: There are new players in on-chain education, that could disrupt traditional systems, says Patrick Hagerty.

With the arrival of Web3 comes easily accessible educational opportunities. In such a new ecosystem of ideas, traditional education could be disrupted like never before. Web3 Education: Potential Benefits

There are two major, undeniable benefits to on-chain education. The first comes from accessing informational and educational tools, services and products from anywhere in the world, no matter who you are. This means if you are in Europe and wanted to catch a lecture from a world-renowned professor at a university in Asia, you would be able to easily gain entry and listen in.

There is an education problem faced by under-developed countries on a daily basis. Citizens of these countries often struggle to afford and physically access the proper tools to expand their skills and grow their knowledge. In the rare instances they are accessible, these opportunities sit behind “paywalls,” costing much-needed capital.

The second major development for education inside Web3 is on-chain degrees. Many under-developed countries do not have reputable certification programs. This causes top-tier universities around the world to disregard degrees and other significant academic achievements. This restricts citizens living in these […]

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