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West Alabama Women’s Center reopens to provide non-abortion reproductive healthcare


West Alabama Women’s Center reopens to provide non-abortion reproductive healthcare, SOURCE: ABC 33/40 News

{/p} The West Alabama Women’s Center is pivoting its resources in a post-Roe world to provide non-abortion reproductive healthcare as a nonprofit organization.

“We opened on Monday as a reproductive health center providing prenatal care, contraceptive care, HIV care, and any other annual exams or reproductive health services a person might need besides abortion,” said Robin Marty, the West Alabama Women’s Center Operations Director.

The center closed its doors on June 24th, when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Ultimately allowing the 2019 Human Life Protection Act of Alabama to take hold. That act made it a felony to provide abortion care unless a woman’s health is at risk.

The center was seeing 200 to 300 patients per month before the Supreme Court’s decision. 95 % of them were there for abortion services. With the 2019 law in effect, the center will focus on its other services.

“We serve people in Western Alabama but also Eastern Mississippi. This is an area in which about 50% who do become pregnant, their pregnancies were unplanned. So we know that there is a lack of contraception out here,” said Marty.

Many of the […]

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