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What a platform for employee healthcare management including for mental health should look like


Better access to mental health services may prove to be one of the few positive byproducts of the pandemic. Until recently, and despite more than a century of reforms, a stigma remained around mental illness and its treatments before the advent of Covid-19. A confusing array of services and solutions made it difficult for patients to navigate the market or obtain the care they needed for some conditions, particularly those that were largely unaddressed by their employers’ healthcare plans.

The fear and isolation that Covid-19 fostered in so much of the population have helped shine a brighter light on the importance of mental and emotional well-being, however, once-marginalized challenges have become mainstream health concerns. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found increased stress levels among adults compared to a year earlier, with 84% of respondents recently having experienced anxiety, sadness, anger or other emotions associated with prolonged stress. Although people are now heading back to work and school, psychological pressures linger today and may even increase as individuals discover new challenges in readapting to social environments.

It is increasingly apparent that employer-provided health plans need to care for the whole person, connecting mental and physical health with a […]

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