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What is diesel exhaust fluid and why is it more important than ever?


Enlarge Image The days of brand-new production vehicles spewing massive black clouds of diesel exhaust fumes are over, largely thanks to the introduction of diesel exhaust fluid and selective catalytic reduction. Diesel truck enthusiasts, long-haul truckers and especially fleet managers collectively had a Chicken Little moment way back in 2010 when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the use of selective catalytic reduction in diesel engines.

Why? Because the thing that makes SCR work its magic is a consumable fluid called diesel exhaust fluid, and owners of diesel vehicles were going to have to add it to their vehicles. Nobody likes paying more money for something inconvenient. Climb in the driver’s seat

The reality of DEF and SCR turned out to not be that bad — once engine manufacturers got their heads around using and making the engines still reliable — and in the end, despite the added cost of the fluid itself, the increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions made the hassle of topping off an extra tank of liquid once in a while kind of worth it.

So, how exactly does SCR work , and what role does DEF play in making that happen? We’ll explain.

First of all, […]

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