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What Is Patient Room ‘Next’ and How Can Healthcare Organizations Achieve It?


Healthcare organizations could benefit from technology innovations such as an “easy button” in their clinical workflows, real-time data insights, automated documentation , touchless technology for patient care and flexible spaces to accommodate changing needs. These aren’t future healthcare solutions, but the five goals of Patient Room ‘Next’ — a strategy for providing tech-enabled, high-quality care to patients, regardless of where they are.

Patient Room ‘Next’ focuses on extending care beyond a traditional, in-patient brick-and-mortar setting such as a hospital or clinic to wherever care is needed, such as an ambulance, hospital at home program or even a parking lot .

The Patient Room ‘Next’ strategy looks at the next iteration of technology and patient care in five major categories: machine vision, machine audio, content interaction with patients, sensors and telehealth . All these solutions come together to make a difference in patient care and clinical workflows, and help to mitigate the effects of the nursing shortage .

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Many healthcare organizations are buying point solutions. For example, clinical leaders may want to solve for patient falls and buy a solution to […]

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