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What will changing Section 230 mean for the internet?


A virtual symposium on the internet’s most important law

Section 230, which turned 25 years old this month , has played a central role in shaping the internet . Over the past year, Congress has introduced several proposals to change the law — some of them drastic — but the bills have often focused on a handful of very large tech companies like Facebook and Google. In reality, Section 230 has created a lot of the web as we know it

On Monday, March 1st, we’re holding an event on Section 230 and the future of tech regulation. After a keynote from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), I’ll be sitting down with Wikimedia Foundation general counsel Amanda Keton, Vimeo general counsel Michael Cheah, and writer and strategist Sydette Harry to discuss how changing Section 230 could change the web.

For a broader sense of its impact, however, I also spoke to a range of companies, nonprofits, legal experts, and others with a stake in preserving or reforming the law. Laurent Crenshaw, head of policy at Patreon

Patreon is an online funding platform for artists, musicians, streamers, and other creatives. Founded in 2013, it supports over 200,000 creators with more than […]

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