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What you need to know about data fluency and federated AI

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The privacy-preserving approach to unlocking the value of health data is crucial to the future of healthcare, an AI expert with Sharecare says. Akshay Sharma, executive vice president of artificial intelligence at Sharecare. Sharecare is a digital health company that offers an artificial intelligence-powered mobile app for consumers. But it has a strong viewpoint on AI and how it is used.

Sharecare believes that while other companies use augmented analytics and AI to understand data with business intelligence tools, they are missing out on the benefits of data fluency and federated AI. By using federated AI and data fluency, Sharecare says it digs deeper to find hidden similarities in the data that business intelligence tools would not be able to detect in health settings.

To gain a deeper understanding of data fluency and federated AI, Healthcare IT News sat down with Akshay Sharma, executive vice president of artificial intelligence at Sharecare, for an in-depth interview.

Q: What exactly is federated AI, and how is it different from any other form of AI? A: Federated AI, or federated learning, guarantees that the user’s data stays on the device. For example, the applications that run specific programs […]

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