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What You Need to Know About Healthcare Benefits in 2022


While the new year feels like a fresh start for most workers, it’s also expected to come with a spike in health insurance premiums. Premiums and deductibles have been steadily increasing for years. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that premiums for a family rose 4% in 2021, according to a survey focused on employer-sponsored benefits.

The average family pays $22,221 in premiums, according to KFF. Workers contributed $5,969 toward their coverage, while employers paid the rest. In fact, since 2011 the average family premiums have increased 47%, which KFF found was more than wages (31%) and inflation (19%).

Not only is this a financial hardship for American families, but it’s also draining companies that are struggling to maintain employee coverage. To complicate the matter, several federal programs providing support for healthcare are due to expire in 2022. READ : 7 Innovative Benefits for HR Leaders to Consider in 2022 What to Expect in Healthcare Coverage

Rising healthcare premiums are only part of the problem. Deductibles are also skyrocketing. This is the amount workers have to pay before insurance kicks in and could make a huge financial difference for families dealing with a serious health issue.

The average single deductible has […]

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