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Why 2022 could be the year to create your avatar and join the metaverse


The Vive Flow, which connects to a phone, may be the next trend in VR hardware. At the end of August, I was strapped into a complicated headset that showed me a wild test-drive of the future. A $5,000 lidar-equipped headset was on my head, wired with a tangle of cables to a high-end PC on my desk.

I was wearing the Varjo XR-3 , a commercial-grade headset with insanely high display resolution, eye-tracking and the capacity to blend virtual objects into the real world using pass-through cameras. With the headset on, I watched Varjo’s staff in several locations around the world remotely operate my headset. I saw the Zoom on my laptop, plus a projected PC monitor in my room. We cast anatomical skeletons onto the floor of my office, floated space stations overhead. I conjured a Volvo car that sat next to my desk, then I climbed inside and sat behind the steering wheel.

The metaverse — a term that’s come to stand for how a galaxy of companies perceive the next wave of online interaction, immersive technologies and cross-platform commerce — has come on strong at the end of 2021, promising endless things for endless companies. Originally coined […]

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