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Why 50/50 Gender Representation Matters in Healthcare


When women are underrepresented in healthcare — half of our world’s population becomes at-risk.

If you’re a woman reading this, chances are you’ve experienced that sinking feeling you get when you’re sitting in your doctor’s office expressing your concerns, but you don’t feel heard. The unfortunate truth is that you’re not alone. Women are repeatedly underrepresented in all fields of health care — from medical research to the emergency rooms, putting half of our world’s population at risk.

Many studies over the years reveal that women are less likely than men to receive more advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Historically this disparity is due, in part, to inadequate medical research that doesn’t consider the biology of women.

“When male and female patients tell their stories, healthcare professionals are inclined to interpret, even identical narratives, in different ways because of preconceived notions and assumptions about men and women, known as implicit gender bias. What’s even more troubling is that physicians are more likely to interpret men’s symptoms as organic and women’s as psychosocial, and female patients are assigned more nonspecific symptom diagnosis,” according to ( Hamberg – Women’s Health – 2008 ).

Gender disparities and gender bias in clinical practice

Gender bias […]

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