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Why are healthcare networks so vulnerable to attacks?

Profile picture for user Elisa Costante from Forescout Technologies gives us the lowdown on how vulnerabilities in the healthcare sector happen, and how to secure them

Forescout Research Labs has published a study on the vulnerabilities impacting the healthcare industry’s connected devices. The research division of Forescout Technologies has published the report as part of its Project Memoria, and it reveals that healthcare organisations are affected five times more by TCP/IP vulnerabilities than any other sector.

Elisa Costante , a software engineer and Forescout’s Vice President of Research, explains why this is and how to prevent it.

What is Project Memoria?
Project Memoria aims to improve the security of TCP/IP stacks and understand what the main security issues are. TCP/IP stacks are a very core component of every network device, whether it’s an iPhone connected to the internet, or a robot controlling the process of manufacturing. If they’re connected to the internet they need to have a piece of software controlling communication.

There are several variants of this software and we’re analysing them to understand if they have security bugs or vulnerabilities that if misused by attackers, could lead to disruption of the device itself, and to the network […]

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