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Why ‘How Humans Learn’ Is the Book I’ve Been Waiting For

How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories behind Effective College Teaching by Joshua R. Eyler

Published in March of 2018.

The world of education developers is small. And in that world, Joshua Eyler is well-known, universally liked, and highly respected.

Judging his fine book How Humans Learn , Eyler’s influence now likely extends to many more corners of the academy.

How Humans Learn is certainly the book I’ve waited for. (And embarrassingly, did not get around to reading until now).

As an academic trained outside the disciplines of cognitive science and learning design, I’ve been in desperate need of an accessible book connecting learning science with teaching practices.What Eyler does beautifully in How Humans Learn is directly connecting the research from a wide array of cognitive/learning disciplines to the craft of college teaching. Eyler accomplishes this feat by combining storytelling about how the most gifted academics teach (including his teaching) and by synthesizing and translating the essential findings and debates of the learning science literature.For college professors, I think the critical contribution of How Humans Learn is that good teaching is constructed, not ordained. Through a combination of applying the core principles of learning design gleaned from the research on […]

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