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Why I’m loyal to Adobe


As an intrinsic engineer, I love tinkering and working with machines. That being said, during my tenure in a technology-related role, I’ve learned that you got to be tough if you’re going to be dumb.

Because of my love affair (psychosis), I could see patterns that regular people couldn’t, so I enrolled in an MCSE course in the late ’90s. Fresh out of a Bootcamp, I was the only person certified besides our teacher. Most had dropped out, and those who didn’t were always behind the eight-ball.

During this intense onsite Bootcamp, I learned the importance of development. I always try to remind people of the commercial that played in the early millennia, the one where the guy goes and buys the latest and best computer from his local big-box tech store.

This memory lives vividly in the dark recesses of my mind. I remember the majority of the commercial, moreover, the culmination of innuendos that led to the proverbial “aha moment.”

When the guy makes it home, reads the instructions, plugs everything in, and finally turns the computer on, he sees a commercial for the “new latest and best computer” – I felt his disappointment. Conversely, just because it’s the best and latest doesn’t mean it will be adopted.

Consequently, after the dot com bust, there were plenty of examples for lack-of-development. Similarly, those that were proactive in continuing to invest in development survived the game, for they too had realized how quickly their latest and best could end up used less – useless.

The caveat is that many organizations don’t realize the solution to this problem is answered with a specific word – development, in essence, Newton’s first law, which is the law of inertia.

Although the principle of inertia is the starting point and the fundamental assumption of classical mechanics, it is less than intuitively obvious to the untrained eye. 

The fact is that without inertia, you’re at rest, and there’s enough empirical evidence to prove that, without a doubt, rest gets us nowhere. Before I get flamed for making such an egregious comment, rest is crucial for sustainability.

Notwithstanding, when I started my social media endeavor, few emerging industry brands were making headway.

That was then, and this is now where most Millennials et al. are surrounded by tech and only deal with availability and, most of all, affordability. Wherefore the question arising from this dilemma is, do we need that shiny new technology?

Let’s segue to Hootsuite.

I started using their product in the early stages. I was grandfathered in from beta at a nominal rate for years. Then, one day out of the blue, I am told I now have no choice but to pay three (3) times more for their product even though it was the same product with the same functionality.

Notwithstanding, I had been with them so long I knew their product was reliable, most of all dependable in raising exposure with my brand. The problem was that I abandoned the brand (SingleNDating) because of moral implications.

Therefore, I had to decide if the increase was worth it. So, I set out to review my current toolset and decide if it was worth keeping. The result led me to Adobe Creative Cloud, a product I was already paying for that made much more sense with all things considered.

Although their product lacked the main reason I used Hootsuite, it had plenty of other tools available that created more opportunities with media in an emerging field.

Best of all, Adobe – a brand I had been using since the early days of Windows – already had the reputation of continuous development. Hence their cloud service was growing and materializing opportunities quicker than most.

As such, their continued development, coupled with their service fee, provided several tools for a reasonable price. Although they lacked the functionality that Hootsuite provided me, there were plenty of tools to justify its cost.

Therefore, I dropped my subscription with Hootsuite and kept Adobe Creative Cloud. During the time I have had their service, there was one single price increase, and it wasn’t three folds. Moreover, it was a no-brainer to continue my subscription.

Lastly, it took Adobe a bit to finally introduce a toolset that provided the functionality that Hootsuite did, which I now use regularly. More importantly, the addition of the Adobe Express Schedule ratifies its commitment to continuous development.

adobe express
Adobe Express Scheduler

The moral of this rant isn’t related to the machinations of science and technology. It encompasses every aspect of our daily lives. Wherefore, during a time when the choice to start trimming the proverbial fat arises.

Whatever decision we make, know that if continuous development isn’t in the equation, in a state of rest, atrophy sets in, and there is no progress.

Carpe Diem





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